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Don’t know what to write, how to write, or don’t have time to write? You’re certainly not alone… If you’d love some support from an experienced and award-winning B2B copywriter, Copy Café is for you!

When it comes to your brand and marketing communications, do you struggle to promote your expertise and services in an engaging way? Do you feel your writing is ‘woolly’ and bland? That you need to do more with your words to help you make a better impression and attract your ideal clients?

Copy Café will catapult your copywriting confidence – so you can feel 100% comfortable adding personality and impact to your writing, without the uncertainty that’s currently holding you back. Get started today and get the expert advice, ideas and support you need to move your business forward.

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Let’s take your copywriting confidence to new levels! Shake off the uncertainty and start writing copy that makes you (and others) smile…

Hi, I’m Kyla, the founder of Copy Café. I’m also a professional copywriter and director of The Jarrah Consultancy, a specialist copywriting, brand language and creative communications business I’ve run since 2003.

Copy Café is your happy place! I created it to provide a friendly, flexible, affordable service that helps you improve your copywriting, boost your confidence, feel supported and get the advice your business needs.

What’s the story behind Copy Café? As a small business owner myself, I know all about the temptation to tackle every task yourself. But that’s often exhausting, invariably overwhelming – and doesn’t do you or your business any favours. So I used my 20+ years of copywriting experience to develop a resource that consultants and small business owners like you can use to tap into the insights of a ‘friendly expert’ who helps you use personality to make a stronger impression and create more impact with your marketing.

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On a mission…

I’m on a mission to spread the word about the importance (and benefits) of better business writing and using personality to promote your expertise.

Why? Because using words and language well is an essential, but all too often overlooked, skill that can really set your business apart. And little things can often make a BIG difference. I can help you make words work harder for your business – in a fun and friendly way that works for you

I’ve seen my share of good and bad copy.

I’ve been a professional business writer for more than 20 years – and I’ve seen plenty of good and bad copy during that time!

I’ve worked with creative agencies of all types and sizes, in London and across the UK. I’ve also written for direct clients ranging from start-ups and SMEs to PLCs, in a diverse spectrum of sectors – locally, nationally and internationally. These companies span everything from global technology giants, outsourced finance expertise and corporate law firms to ductile iron pipeline suppliers on the B2B side, and automotive brands, superyachts, boutique interior design firms, international property development groups, high-end folding door firms to energy providers on the consumer front.

I’ve also trained and coached individuals and groups, to help people of all abilities to develop better business writing skills. If you’re interested in the series of workshops and bespoke training programmes I’m able to deliver, please get in touch.

Life outside work

When I’m not wrangling words, playing with creative campaign concepts or bringing brand language under control, I can be found living with my partner and my dog in the peace and quiet of the Warwickshire countryside.

I’m a fan of Liverpool FC (and The Champions League), the Tour de France, the World Rally Championship, good thrillers (film and books), gardening and scything, sushi, gin, solitude, woodland walks, Cornish beaches and remote hideaways.

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Full Copy Café membership unlocks all these benefits:

> Weekly tips, insights, advice – plus expert, ongoing support
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> Cost-effective sounding board sessions and consultancy time

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to read, really communicates messages
simply and effectively, and brings out
the best in what we offer. Excellent!”

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