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> Cost-effective sounding board sessions and consultancy time


Monthly membership – £28.95 per month

Annual membership (save 2 months) – £289.95

Please view ‘How it works’ below for specific details


Monthly membership – £89.95 per month 


Monthly membership – £299.95 per month

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ALL membership types – Monthly membership is implemented on a rolling basis:

All prices are inclusive of VAT.
When you click to purchase Copy Café membership, you’ll be taken to a secure payment page and asked to enter payment card details from which recurring payments for each commenced month of membership will automatically be taken.
You’ll receive an automated email receipt each time payment is made. There’s no contract, so you’re free to cancel your membership at any time if you decide it’s not helping your business.
As a full member of Copy Café, you’re able to upgrade your membership to the next level at any time – simply log in, select your required membership level and appropriate payment will be taken on a pro rata basis. If you wish to downgrade from one membership level to the next, relevant payment for the following full month will automatically be taken at the next scheduled renewal date.
If you have any queries about any aspect of Copy Café membership, please just get in touch!

ESSENTIAL membership:
As a Copy Café Essential member, you can access all the professional copywriting support and ideas you need to help you add personality and impact to your business writing, so you can make a better impression on potential clients. You’re able to request a Clarity Call or Power Hour at any time to benefit from additional insights and input. At the end of every quarter of your Copy Café membership, you’ll also unlock the opportunity to benefit from an Expert Insight. You’ll receive an email about this on each occasion. It’s your choice whether you do or don’t opt to take advantage of this offer. However, Expert Insights cannot be rolled over from one quarter to the next.

CONSULTANCY membership:
You’ll receive an email each month inviting you to discuss your requirements for your dedicated consultancy time. If necessary, you may roll that time over to the following month, for a maximum of two months, with payment continuing on a monthly basis. VIP priority access work will be completed within three working days. Continued monthly Copy Café membership is required at Essential level to maintain access to any ‘banked’ time. You’re able to request a Clarity Call at any time to benefit from additional insights and input.