See what Copy Café Members and Subscribers say…

I’ve been a Copy Café Essential member for over three years now and am loving it. There are 3 elements, all of which I’ve enjoyed using and benefited from.

Every week, I receive a fantastic email with great practical tips and inspiration, a grammar and spelling test and a bit of humour to boot!

I’ve used the Facebook group on a regular basis to great effect, always getting great advice and support from my peers and picking up tips from shared dilemmas.

My first ‘Expert Insight’ from Kyla helped save me time and give me peace of mind with a client’s email campaign. I believe that having an experienced copywriter, such as Kyla, sanity check their marketing added great value. Just a few simple word swaps added more impact and truly brought their campaign to life. Now I benefit from this free input every three months – it’s great value!

Since I’ve been a member, I feel more confident and accomplished in my business writing. I’ve recommended Copy Café to a couple of friends and we often compare our answers on the Triple Test. So if you want to be a better writer and have fun doing it, Copy Café is definitely your answer.

Helen Davies

Citrus Web


Being a Copy Café member has helped me enormously with weekly tips and access to the wealth of knowledge is a great bonus. I recently had a Power Hour to discuss social media content and Kyla came up with excellent tips and suggestions for posts – she really helped map it all out and that was worth every penny!

Laurenne Dorgan

Hound Dog Creatives

I definitely recommend this. Kyla gives helpful, concise and friendly advice for your copywriting. She guides you through various questions and exercises, making you think about what you require but also what you want from writing for your business, helping you inject your own personality to help build your business your way.

Kerrie Holmes

Sentio Jewellery

Wow… thank you! Love all your insights and help with this. To be honest, I was a tad embarrassed asking you to look over it, because I didn’t really know where to start with updating this copy. Incredibly useful, insightful and inspiring. Thank you so much.

Hazel Jarrett


Copy Café has had a huge impact on my business writing skills. My headlines and subject lines pack more punch. My calls to action get more clicks, my credibility as a web designer has grown. All from regular, professional input, a weekly test, and some sound advice and insights whenever needed.

Helen Davies

Citrus Web

Kyla helped me get the feel I wanted for the brand story and website to launch my new brand. I knew what I wanted to say, but had way too many words and wasn’t sure where to start or what approach to take with it all. She was patient and understanding, and I was delighted with the end result!

Claire Tavernor

Nourish Your Wellbeing

Kyla was recommended to me. I needed help rewriting the copy for my packages, but she offered me so much more. She was efficient, very quick and absolutely spot on with what I wanted but couldn’t find the words for myself. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help with their wording.

Hetty Verney

Financial Business Mentor

Thank you so much for your time in the Power Hour today! It was really useful in helping me to get a better structure to the blog. I can totally see it from the reader’s perspective now. It’s much better now and has the clarity it was missing.

Bridget Mason

Keskidee Marketing

If anyone is ‘stuck’ with what to write, I suggest having a Clarity Call with Kyla. I did this and came away with so many ideas. I just now need to put ‘pen to paper’… So useful in helping me to make sense of my very messy thoughts.

Jackie Lehane

GwenGreen Virtual Services

Copy Café is just brilliant. It’s a really fluid and flexible way to access high-quality copy and insights. Kyla effectively streamlines and adds value to anything I need in terms of copy for my business – without losing the feel of who I am.

Sam Parker

My Food For Thought

Copy Café Consultancy is a very flexible and easy way to tap into the expert support you need, as and when you need it. An hour of Kyla’s insights and input helped me to produce a successful marketing flyer with tight turnaround time!

Phil Summerfield

Business Coaching Group

I had a great Consultancy brainstorming session about how to pitch my services in a way that matched my style and personality. Kyla really worked with me to hone my copy to perfection and also gave me lots of follow-on ideas.

Shari Lewison-Frisch

Family Crisis Coach

Copy Café Consultancy membership is a very cost-effective way to benefit from expert copywriting input – either working on new content or, as I tend to use it, to provide ideas that enhance and add impact to my own draft text.

George Holmes

Idvallo Data Compliance

Kyla’s insight and expertise are second to none and I am very glad to have found her and Copy Café – and the Triple Test too!

Sam Parker

My Food For Thought

These small tweaks have transformed what I’m saying. I can’t thank you enough. Having an expert’s input really adds value!!

Anna R

Graphic Designer

Oooooh this is why you do what you do!! So good! That’s exactly what I wanted to get across! Thank you so much.

Sophia Carter

House of Colour

Another fantastic email in my inbox today from Copy Cafe! It is one of the few newsletters I make time to read every week.

Claire Henley

Treehouse Social

Wow! That’s so helpful. Thank you so much. Next time, maybe I should think about hiring your brain for a full hour!

Kerry Allen

CPM Accountants

Fantastic, it’s perfect! Thank you so much, especially for looking at it with the short notice. Great tips and it sounds amazing!

Beckie Sanchez

Soft-Focus Productions

Kyla is a very talented editor, who can take a boring and technical subject and make it both engaging and accessible, without losing the gravitas of the piece.

Rebecca Warwick

Fundamental Associates

Copy Café membership has helped me to better position my business and I can discuss my writing, getting feedback and tips on how to write the most effective marketing copy.

Bridget Mason

Keskidee Marketing

“Bloody Brilliant!” My response on reading an email sequence that Kyla wrote to help me with a campaign to deliver book content and build trust in my ability – she nailed it. 

Rachael Watt

Business Growth Advisor

Having access to a professional copywriter has proven invaluable, and the support that Kyla provides has given me the extra confidence I needed to launch my business.

Shari Lewison-Frisch

Family Crisis Coach

Copy Café is a good place for me to ask questions, share my thoughts and gain opinions on my writing in a safe space. Kyla is always there with helpful and expert advice.

Sharon Taylor

Complete Harmony

Kyla’s insights help me improve my business writing skills immensely. I recommend Copy Café for adding a professional edge to your marketing, in a really fun way.

Helen Davies

Citrus Web

Unlike me, the Copy Café email is short, fascinating, useful and doesn’t have a ridiculous beard.

Charlie Budd

The Tall Photographer

Excellent Top Tips in the weekly Copy Café Courier. I look forward to it every Monday morning!

Penny B Taylor

Ardenoak Consulting

I love the weekly Copy Café Triple Tests – they’re challenging, fun and thought-provoking.

Rob Harrison


Just what I need. Perfect! Great website, weekly email and quiz. Friendly, informative, very professional and useful!

Shirley Hoare

Zest Virtual Solutions

The introductory e-book was both fantastic and fascinating! Now the Triple Test keeps me on my copywriting toes!

Gus Bhandal

The Marketing Guru

I love getting your emails! They’re interesting and inspiring. Starting my week off with learning is the best way 🙂 

Vicky Kangurs

Tabby Tiger