Are you a consultant or small business owner? Are you aware that you could (maybe should) be making words work harder for your business?

If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to tap into ongoing copywriting support, you’re in the right place. Sit back and listen up – because Copy Café was designed with you and your business in mind.

I’m often asked: “What is Copy Café?” Well, it’s actually quite a lot of things… But the short answer is that it’s an accessible, flexible and very affordable way to tap into ongoing professional copywriting support.

The slightly longer explanation is that it’s a subscription-based service and online business writing resource hub. As a Copy Café member, you pay an easy monthly fee and that gives you access to a variety of different tips and insights, a comprehensive Resource Library, peer support via a members’ forum, and direct access to dedicated professional copywriting expertise – depending on the level of membership you choose.

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I’m on a mission to spread the word about the importance of better business writing and the benefits it can bring. Because writing is one of the most essential – but often overlooked and underrated – skills in the business world.

Think about it for a moment… You probably use the written word to promote and differentiate your business far more than the spoken word, don’t you?

Maybe you’ve invested in public speaking training or brushed up on your presentation skills in the past. But has it ever occurred to you how much more engaging, influential and persuasive you could be if you gave the same consideration to your business writing abilities?

Organisations of all sizes and in all sectors need to be able to communicate effectively. But I created Copy Café to help consultants and small business owners, in particular. Because so many small businesses are missing a trick. And I think that’s a shame… I want to help business owners like you learn how to make words work harder for your business – so you can thrive and grow, and enjoy the success you work so hard for.

All the support you need – as, where and how you need it
I’m a professional copywriter and I’ve spent the last 18 years running my own copywriting and brand language business. So I know that developing better business writing isn’t rocket science. And I know the brilliant benefits that compelling copy can bring to a business. But I also know that it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight, on its own…

You’ll need a helping hand, and a ‘go-to’ place that gives you all the advice, information and dedicated support you need – as, where and how you need it. So you can instantly apply it to your business.

I’ve drawn on all my experience to create just that: Copy Café. So called because of its friendly, community feel, and the fact that you can pop in and out at your leisure – getting what you need, when you need it – just as you would with your local coffee shop.

Explore all the expertise that’s available to you and discover an accessible, flexible and very easy way to tap into ongoing professional copywriting support – expressly designed to suit the needs of small businesses like yours.

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