Sometimes, finding the right words is the hardest thing.

That’s especially the case if you’re rubbish at writing, of course. But it’s something that affects businesses of all sizes, all across the UK. Does that sound familiar? You’re certainly not alone.

Even if you feel you are actually able to string a few half-decent sentences together, putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – can often prove more challenging than you might initially have expected.

If you’re responsible for writing for your business, that presents a bit of a problem…

Maybe you just don’t know what to write. Or you do have an idea of what you want to say, but you’re aware your spelling and grammar is a bit shoddier than it really should be. Or your writing feels “woolly” and lacks any real personality or impact.

If you’re a consultant or other small business owner, and the buck stops with you, that’s a big problem – because poor quality copy could be holding your business back. So what are you going to do about that?

How do you ensure that you create real impact with your marketing? Is your writing really engaging your ideal clients or customers? Are you communicating with optimal effectiveness? Do you struggle to express yourself in a clear and concise way? Perhaps your writing lacks purpose – and therefore isn’t helping your business to make the best possible impression among the people you’d like to be working with.

Whether it’s your positioning line, your elevator pitch, your LinkedIn profile, website content, blogs and social media posts, a brochure or event flyer, a proposal or presentation, or simply an email to prospective clients or customers, it’s so important to be able to create a good first impression of your business.

Because we all know that coming across as bland, arrogant, uncaring or uneducated turns people off big time. When was the last time you found yourself tut-tutting at a typo or not even bothering to read more than half a headline because the text just didn’t grab you?

Did you know? According to The State of Business Writing report (created byJosh Bernoff) only 54% of people rate what they read at work as effective. And 84% of directors and managers report that poorly written material wastes a lot of their time. You don’t want your business to be associated with statistics like this – and it doesn’t take a massive amount of effort to create greater impact with your written communications.

Whatever your particular experience or personal challenges, if you’re a consultant or other small business owner looking to develop better business writing skills, Copy Café is for you.

The story so far

Copy Café was in the making for a couple of years. The idea had been percolating, the benefits brewing…

As an experienced professional copywriter, who has spent the past 20-odd years working on brand and marketing communications for businesses of all sizes (from SMEs to PLCs and everything inbetween), I’ve seen plenty of poorly written business communications. Many produced by ‘big name’ companies and organisations that really should know better!

It’s not rocket science. But so many businesses (big and small) don’t seem to invest in giving their key communicators (their marketing managers and their directors) the support and tools they need to enhance their writing skills – in a cost-effective way that ultimately benefits the business and its reputation in the outside world.

Whether you’re a consultant, a company director, a member of the marketing team, a social media manager or another key employee who helps produce public-facing communications for an organisation, if you create poorly written or carelessly thought-out content, it has a potentially damaging effect on the way your business will be perceived by potential customers.

Creating a good impression is incredibly important in today’s competitive commercial world. So not bothering about the state of your communications just doesn’t seem right – and it’s not necessary! Not when it’s not actually difficult to start developing better business writing skills.

And that’s where Copy Café comes in

One day, I had a big idea. When I returned from walking my dog in the woods and sat back down at my desk, I started scribbling furiously…

A few Post-It note pads, several sketchpad pages and Sharpie markers, and many cups of coffee later, I created the Copy Café concept.

What’s it all about? Well, it’s quite simple really. I wanted to give consultants and other small business owners an easy, effective way to elevate their copy while also improving their confidence when it comes to written communications – so they can make a stronger impression and create more impact with their marketing.

Copy Café does just that. It’s a business writing support service that’s specifically designed to provide easy and cost-effective access to ongoing professional copywriting expertise.

Copy Café membership gives consultants and small business owners flexible, affordable access to ongoing business writing support that helps them better position and promote their own expertise. It also provides a host of resources and tailored support to help smaller ventures and freelancers develop their own better business writing skills.

This is delivered through expert insights, guides, examples, tips, peer support and dedicated consultancy options – all brought together in a friendly ‘community café style’ environment. There’s a weekly Top Tip email, the popular Triple Test quick-fire quiz, a comprehensive Resource Library, the Copy Café Members’ Forum and exclusive ongoing professional copywriting support for Essential and Consultancy members.

In short, all the on-tap copywriting support you need is all available – when your business needs it and in way that works for you.

Sounds good? I hope so. And I’d love you to be part of it!


Start exploring here:

See what others say about their Copy Café experience. Then, if you’re feeling tentative, sign up as a Free Subscriber to check everything out for a week or two… Otherwise, jump straight in as an Essential Member and start benefiting from ongoing professional copywriting expertise from just £18.95 per month – or secure dedicated support as a Consultancy Member from as little as £89.95 per month.

Whatever level of membership you opt for from one month to the next, I can as good as guarantee that it will benefit both you and your business!



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