What’s the most essential skill in the business world?

Marketing? Sales? Hmm, maybe. After all, without success in these areas, small business owners wouldn’t have any clients or customers. And where’s the fun in that? No awareness = no interest = no sales = no profit = no point.

But I’d argue that writing is right up there. Because business writing is a crucial component of generating that awareness and interest in the first place – it’s the cornerstone of all effective marketing and sales activities.

It starts out as a pretty simple requirement…

Without basic business writing skills, you wouldn’t be able to scribble down new ideas, plan your business model, develop your strategy, build and prioritise your to-do lists, and start to communicate your offer.

But you quickly progress to calling on more advanced writing skills…

You realise you need a website and probably some kind of leaflet or brochure. It makes sense to craft an elevator pitch that you can use at networking events and some descriptive copy for online directories and other promotional opportunities. You want to be able to enhance your social media profiles and optimise your website; to explore the potential of creating engaging content, effective landing pages and compelling offers that attract people to your business.

The benefits of better business writing
It’s at that point that the advantages of learning how to develop better business writing become clear to savvy consultants, entrepreneurs and other small business owners.

Because with relevant tips, techniques and resources at your fingertips and improved confidence in your writing ability, you can create greater impact with your written communications – and your video scripts too.

If you can use words and language well, it becomes so much easier to differentiate and promote your business. You’ll be able to articulate your proposition, convey your credibility and express your personality in a more engaging, influential, effective (and ultimately more successful) way.

Whatever your specific field of expertise and whether you do the bulk of your business promotion via verbal or written communication, I’d hazard that words play a pretty important role in your business and its success, don’t they?

Are yours working as hard as they could be for you and your business?



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