What will an hour of dedicated input time with an experienced professional copywriter cost you? Less than you might think…

Better still, I can as good as guarantee that your investment will be far below the value you gain for your business.

Join Copy Café as a Consultancy member, and it will cost you as little as £89.95/month (that’s a smidge over £70 without the VAT).

Of course, you can probably spend a couple of hours trawling through sites like Fiverr or Upwork, and find someone willing to charge you a tenner for an hour of their time. But I suspect you won’t risk your business reputation (or your time) on that. Am I right?

You’re far more likely to grab a cup of tea and take 5 minutes to check out some testimonials for tried-and-trusted suppliers – like here (other Copy Café members) and on LinkedIn (for a bit more background).

And I wouldn’t expect anything less. After all, you need to know you’re putting your business in good hands; you want to work with someone you can trust. We all do.

As a business consultant yourself, someone who’s extremely knowledgeable in your own field, you understand the inherent value of the insights and expertise of other specialists. You also appreciate that others are highly skilled and experienced in areas where you sometimes find yourself struggling. (That’s why you’re here and reading this, isn’t it?)

I’m a professional copywriter with a 20-year track record of working with everyone from Subaru, Dell Technologies, EDF Energy, Weir Engineering and Burgess Superyachts to much smaller brands and SMEs that you’re unlikely to have ever heard of. This means I can wrangle words and phrases in my sleep – in a way that you can probably only dream about!

It’s second nature for me to know and quickly understand how I can make words work harder for you. And I’d hazard that I can bring that difference to your business in a fraction of the time it would take you to start getting your head around the task yourself.

Staring at a blank screen can take hours sometimes… And it’s so depressing and frustrating! So why not simply ask the expert for a little help?

Whatever you’d like me to help you with, I’m happy to do so. You’ve got my undivided attention for a full hour, so let’s jump straight in and start creating some impact!

Naming, positioning, an elevator pitch, an intro for your website, a bio for your speaking gig or networking group, finessing an article, making a stronger impression with your social media profile… You name it, I can write, edit or otherwise work with you on it. Alternatively, we can simply spend the hour brainstorming fabulous ways for you to create more impact with your marketing, if you like!

In return for your ongoing monthly membership (although there’s no contract and no ties), you get to benefit from an hour of my consultancy expertise for a little less than the going rate* – with ongoing support, access to a host of essential copywriting resources and a heap of friendly advice thrown in for good measure.

As a Copy Café Consultancy member, you can even unlock extra specially discounted PAYG rates (10% off) for any additional ad hoc hours you’d like me to work with you for during any month.

What’s not to like? You certainly won’t find that on Fiverr or with someone still struggling to establish their own business…

Fancy a friendly chat? Book a Discovery Call and let me know when you’d like to talk.


* This is obviously also to encourage you to continue to develop an ongoing working relationship with me – so we can enjoy shared success and the rewards of growing both our businesses together.


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