Write a little every day, they say
– you’ll get better that way.

Me? I’m not such a stickler for the rules.
Routine is really useful, if you can get into the habit.
But don’t beat yourself up if that’s not within your grasp.

Regular practice will certainly help. However, I suspect you’ll find,
like me, that life gets in the way of “every day”.

So make it simple.
Aim to write regularly, whenever you can.
A line or two, a paragraph or three.

It will hone your skills. And, over time, you’ll recognise
your development and the progress you’ve made.

You’ll be able to spot a typo at 10 paces,
a glaring grammatical error, a style inconsistency…

While practice may not quite make perfect, your
writing will be punchier, your words more purposeful.

In short, you’ll be developing better business writing.



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